XML Transformation

A successful name in the eBooks designing, conversion and production industry, Aenyvish Digital Technology provides a full suite of XML and DTD design services to make it easier for authors, publishers, and businesses to exchange and share data, develop documents and improve apps experience. The sole objective of our XML and DTD design services is to help clients in efficiently structuring their different types of content forflexible re-use and web publishing.

At Aenyvish Digital Technology, our team of professionals have years of experience working with the latest applications, includingLatex, InDesign, 3B2, Frame Maker, etc., and can help you convert your content into XML format, further allowing you to efficiently store, manage, locate, and distribute content, without any hassle. Our experts incorporate 3rd party encoding standards, includingDocbooks, NLM, DTBook, TEI, S1000D, and many others, to deliver one-of-a-kind digital experience to readers.

With Aenyvish Digital Technology's XML transformation solutions, publishers can easily store and manage their web publishing documents, while promoting their content to a wider audience group. Our XML transformation services include:

  • Thoroughly analyzing client's requirements and developing document/data based on their business niche and targeted audience

  • Developing, refining, and documenting DTD and Schema to be reusable, flexible and practical for developing dynamic products

  • Writing conversion specifications

  • Converting scanned, media-rich and unstructured documents into XML files

  • Proofreading the entire content

  • DocBook XML Conversion, DTBook Conversion, PubMed Conversion, Prism XML Conversion, and XBRL Conversion

  • Developingdetailed and complete documentation, called Tag Library, with every schema/DTD suite

  • Processing complex images and scientific formulasas per the content submission guidelines of the PubMed Central Library

  • Tagging the contentin tune with PubMed DTD/Schema

  • Carrying numerous quality check for excellent results

So contactAenyvish Digital Technology today to get world-class XML and DTD design services at the most competitive prices!