HTML5 / ePub3Interactive eBooks Conversion

At Aenyvish Digital Technology, we offer best-in-class eBook conversion solutions by combining ePub3 with HTML5 and CSS3, thus providing a variety of features for advanced layouts and typography majorly utilized in mathematical publications, multimedia books, interactive documents, and much more. With our HTML5 and ePub3 interactive eBooks conversion solutions, you can easily develop interactive eBooks featuring advanced and rich layouts, distribute them across different digital channels, as well as also archive your back-list titles.

A market leader in the eBooks designing and publishing industry, Aenyvish Digital Technology uses a blend of IDPF approved processes, including hand-crafted conversion techniques duly supported with automation, testing and validation,to efficiently achieve optimal production management, while saving clients' time and cost. Our wide range of HTML5 & ePub3interactive eBooks conversion services includes:

  • Creatingcross-browser, cross-device, and rich-layout publications combining ePub3 with HTML5 and CSS3

  • Developing fixed ePub3 layoutsfor visual illustration of information in textbooks, poetry, cookbooks, etc.

  • Building semantically-enhanced ePub3publications for Interactive eLearning

  • Creating advanced, responsive layouts in ePub3 for visual presentation of information in multiple sizes and orientations

  • Overcoming theaccessibility issues and challenges involved in digitization

  • Delivering an innovative digital experience to users by combining audio & video clips with textual content

  • Adding footnotes, annotations, cross references, and functionalities like geo-location, finger painting & canvas

  • Incorporating MathML to create an interactive equation solver

  • Embedding next-gen tools, such as exercises, quizzes, etc., to make learning fun for students

  • Converting MS Word, PDF, Quark, InDesign, RTF, 3B2, XML, HTML, and other document formats into multiple digital outputs

  • Creating eBooks thatwork seamlessly with technologies like screen readers, and supports 3rd-party platforms like Inkling Habitat, PressBooks, etc.

  • Converting extractable documents and application files

  • Providing digital publications with structurally-tagged content, "text to speech" capability, a detailed navigable table of contents, and much more

So don't wait, contact Aenyvish Digital Technology now to leverage the potential of the latest advancements in accessible technologies!