Fixed Layout eBooks Conversion

Founded with an aim to revolutionize the eBooks designing and publishing industry with its smart and cost-effective solutions, Aenyvish Digital Technology offers eBooks conversion services for a wide categories of books, including children's books; graphic novels and comics; K-12 textbooks, academic publications, and other study materials; complex table-based and mathematical books; cook and recipe books; scientific, technical and medical printed works; travel guides; and much more.

We have an outstanding team of highly skilled and experienced content writers, graphic designers, and digital testers, who make use of the latest technologies to turn your rich and complex print layouts into fixed layout eBooks, which allows incorporating interactive fonts, selecting specific text sizes, precisely arranging images in the content, etc. With our wide range of fixed layout eBook conversion services, authors and publisher can easily preserve their printed page layout containing the complex graphic elements, and employ a variety of advancements, including, but not limited to, animations, videos, audios, etc., while delivering an improved user experience. Our wide range of services includes:

  • Producing fixed layout ePub3to ensure that the text doesn't reflows and can easilybe zoomed in & panned around

  • Creatingprint-replica eBooks with visually appealingimagery and layout

  • Developing complex fixed layout eBooks with background images, slide navigation, next-gen graphics, images & widgets, and many other features

  • Improving accessibility using semantic structuring

  • Embedding audios, videos and other multimedia features with narration overlays

  • Using SVG images for dynamically resizing the images to maintain high clarity and resolution

  • Maintaining technical accuracy and citation placement by adding cross-references, footnotes, annotations and links to websites

  • Making mathematical elements re-flowable to support search and read-aloud functionality

  • Producing eBooks compatible with a variety of devices like Amazon Kindle, Apple, Google, Kobo and Barnes & Noble

  • Developing fixed layout ePUB3 for Apple, Google Play, Kobo, Overdrive and eSentral

  • Building PagePerfect PDF & Nook Comics for Barnes & Noble

  • Fixedlayout KF8 & Kindle Comics for Amazon Kindle devices like Kindle Fire, Kindle Fire HD & Kindle Paperwhite

So get in touch with India's best fixed layout eBooks conversion agency, Aenyvish Digital Technology, to stay at the forefrontof technological innovations!